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    Ravenwood Points of Culture

    I respect the fact that I am working in someone’s home, and they may have saved long and hard to complete this renovation or new home construction. I respect the fact that at the end of a hard day a homeowner deserves to come home to see a clean, safe and productive job site. I respect my fellow workers and management team in that they work hard day in and day out and I will work just as hard to be a productive team member. I realize that respect is a two way street and as I give it, I expect to receive it from my fellow workers, management and homeowners.

    I am accountable for my actions. When I say I am going to do something I make sure I get it done. Every one of my actions affects the outcome of the job and my team. I understand that mistakes happen, but I realize that when they do it is best dealt with right away and honestly.

    I understand that communication is key. Our industry and projects are fast paced and ever changing. When I see something onsite or in the company that I know will have an effect on something else, I say something. I know that keeping all parties informed on the day to day details in the company will help everything run smoother.

    I believe in craftsmanship. I only source, and work alongside, the tradespeople and personnel that show the utmost pride and dedication to their craft and finished product.  I take pride in knowing my work will endure and contribute to the overall project’s strength and provide an aesthetic, safe, and quality home to be enjoyed for decades. I know the ever escalating cost of material and product, and I respect that it is my duty to make smart decisions and use my education when applying my craft – treating the investment as if it were my own. The work I complete will stand up for generations.

    I take pride in myself, and in my work; I take pride in my company.  I take pride in my appearance, and in my vehicle. I take pride in my tools, and in my jobs.  I take pride in leaving a job site everyday knowing that the homeowners are excited to have Ravenwood Developers working on their home. I am a proud team member, partner, and customer of Ravenwood Developers.

    I embrace the fact that I work in a fast paced industry that has ever changing building codes, material selections, material applications, energy efficiency regulations and building techniques. I strive to stay educated in my craft and be a leader in my trade. I seek my own education and am 100% engaged in the continuing education provided to me from my company. Not only do I embrace my education but see the value in educating the homeowner on the products and techniques being used in their home. It is from this education that our homeowners will feel confident and excited in what is being completed at their home.

    I am always thinking of ways to improve how I operate and conduct my day. I work at a company that is striving to be the best in the industry and I want to be known as someone who pushes for a better tomorrow. I believe in innovation, but I will not innovate at the expense of safety or quality. All innovations at Ravenwood are to be vetted and tested to ensure they are in fact an increase to safety, quality, and efficiency.

    I am part of a community, Ravenwood is part of a community. The home I am working on is part of a community. The work I am completing is helping better a community and the people that live in it. I am proud to be part of a community and team.