Our process works.

A clear, easy to follow and proven process is one of the most important things when taking on a new custom home or major renovation project. Our process guides you through our initial meeting, to handing the keys back over and beyond.

Meet with Our Designer

Discuss your vision for your dream home with our designer. Explore our tried-and-true home designs and floor plans, or bring in your own references to design your own custom home.

Pricing & Fine Tuning

Once your vision has been laid out, we work on fine-tuning your floor plans and layouts based on your budget. We than break down levels of finishes on material selections, to stay within your budget while creating your dream home.

Sign Off

Once those details have been agreed upon, the real fun begins. A pre-construction contract will be signed, and our in house designer with work with you to finalize your new space and material selections.

Finalize Finishes

After final design and material selections are set, we review with you all the details down to the fit and finishes. Once confirmed, our team will begin processing and ordering all the material to ensure the items you handpicked will be ready and waiting to be installed.

Begin Building

We will begin building your dream home and send you progress updates as we progress. Depending on how you design your home, expect between 6-8 months.

Payment Due

We require 10% down payment upon signing sales agreement, 45% to start building, and the last 45% before house is moved.

Site Prep

Review our already laid out check list of trades, and work to be done for when we deliver your new home. We will personally walk you through the steps, and offer any support in preparing your site.

House Move

Our trusted home moving company picks up your home from our yard, and delivers it to your site, laying it on your foundation.

Hook up

Once the house is set on the foundation, Electricians, Plumbers and HVAC crew will be required to hook up the home to the utilities.

Final Touch Ups

Our service crew comes back and does final touch ups, and a professional clean to prepare you for your new home.

Welcome Home

Enjoy your brand new dream home, and sleep easy knowing excellent craftsmanship was dedicated to building your home, and the coverage we offer you with Progressive New Home Warranty.


We realize it takes a lot of trust and faith to get started, and we hope by mapping out the steps that we’ll guide you on will provide reassurance, and allow you to feel the excitement about your home & future.

Putting the right people in place, asking the proper questions and providing the best experience and know-how is what we do best.  We are not daunted by the unexpected!

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