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National Energy Code for Buildings (NECB), and the National Building Code (NBC) are the regulators setting the minimum requirements for how new homes are built in Canada. This, like all things relating to code, is the minimum standard. 

Your new home that is built to code, is built to the minimum acceptable standards of today. 


With how fast technology is advancing and the investments made into improving our National Energy and Building Codes, we foresee rapid growth and changes being made each year. 


So, when you build your dream home to today’s Energy and Building Code – the home you plan on raising your family in, a home that is ready to move with you and your ever changing life – do you really want it built to the minimum standards, knowing that those standards will soon be obsolete? 


Why wait 10, 15, or even 20 years into the future for minimum standards to be improved, and reinforced for developers to adhere to, that inevitability will lower your monthly bills paid out to the utility companies? Doesn’t it make sense to invest into the future building practices, now, so that your new home is built to a standard that will keep your family warmer for longer, at a much lower cost?  


You deserve more than the minimum standard. 


You deserve a home that is built with the standards of the future, that surpass current building and energy codes of today. A home that pays less to utility companies, and keeps more money in your pocket. A well designed home that will stand the test of time, and continue to perform year after year for you and your family. 


You deserve to work with a developer who is invested into their craft, as much as you are invested into providing for your family. You deserve the excellence and insight from Ravenwood Developers.


Find out how Ravenwood Developers is building the future, and how you can be a part of living above the minimum standard of today by reaching out and starting the conversation. We look forward to talking with you!

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