Buildings are Changing


There are many decisions to be made when building a new home or renovating your current home. What type of flooring should we use in the basement? Or which is better- granite or quartz?  These are questions that seem to come up quite frequently. But what if I told you there are more important decisions to be made?  Decisions that can add to the lifespan of your home, make it healthier and more comfortable to live in, and even save you money.

These decisions aren’t usually the flashy tile or kitchen cabinet accessories type. These are more about the construction of your home. Choices that once made you will probably never see again- but you will benefit for years to come. What type of insulation to use, what type of weather-resistant barrier to use, how should we insulate our windows, etc. These types of issues, if dealt with correctly and as a whole system, can improve the functionality of your home. If spending more on insulation and airtightness at construction meant you could use a smaller furnace and therefore use less fuel to run the furnace, you would earn back the extra cost of the insulation and start saving money every month on utility bills. It is even possible to have no furnace in a home if built properly (see passive homes).  These decisions are something Ravenwood Developers is passionate about, so don’t worry if you aren’t sure what choice is best for you and your home.  We will be guiding you through these decisions, and giving you options along the way so that you can make the best informed decision for your home.

The way houses have been constructed for the last 50 years is changing. Our world is becoming much more aware of energy usage, safety, sustainability, and efficiency. Building code and energy codes are becoming much more strict and we’re demanding better built and more efficient homes. This is a good thing! But with this change in the code, the cost of constructing a home will increase. One can look at building a home now as your last chance to construct it the old fashion way. But once the code changes, do you really want the old model? Things are changing for the better, so embrace this change and plan for a more efficient future!